It's not easy growing up in rural 1930's New Jersey, especially when your chores keep getting in the way of your occult fantasies. But when little Francis Sharp's imagination gets the better of him, he finds himself lost in a much stranger world than he ever knew existed. The woods behind Francis's house really do hold some unearthly secrets that put the radio stories to shame . . .

Stranded in Valleyghast, a bizarre city of smokestacks and monsters, Francis must rely on an eccentric pair of goblin cousins for help in finding his way back to Jersey. But what mysterious forces conspire to keep him in the grip of the uncanny?

Francis Sharp in the Grip of the Uncanny!: Chapter 1 is the first in 4-part series, drawn by Brittney Sabo and co-authored by Anna Bratton. It is also the recipient of a 2010 Xeric Grant Award, a grant awarded to help small press artist and authors with the costs of creating a book.

For bookstore orders, please contact Brittney directly. If you don't have a PayPal account or credit/debit card and would still like to order a book, please get in touch as well, we have other payment options available.


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